Park Square Executive Search


Park Square Executive Search combines a rigorous, transparent search process with deep industry expertise in the cleantech, education, healthcare, information technology, and life sciences sectors. We perform an exhaustive search on each assignment that is carefully aligned with the specific demands of your business.


Thoughtful Planning

We assemble a dedicated team for every search consisting of an Associate, Search Consultant, and Search Administrator. Through in-depth discussions our team gains deeper insight into your business, which helps to shape the position description, the search strategy, and our ability to deliver superior results. Based on this collected insight, we map a target population of potential candidates and sources that consists not only of people we already know but also of those identified through objective, original research.

Disciplined Execution

Our outreach is robust and persistent. We go beyond the cursory canvas of known prospects. We also listen, sharpening our focus on specific candidates through regular communications with our clients. We dig deep, networking with industry contacts while also mining our original research, and then we take the time to make thoughtful judgments. The search consultant interviews all candidates personally and performs formal and informal reference checking as necessary. You are kept well-informed every step of the way, via detailed status reports, candidate reports and regular updates.

Responsible Closure

Park Square helps to guide you to a clear decision by staying focused on the ultimate outcome throughout the process, evaluating not only a professional fit with your company, but a cultural match as well. We develop a detailed picture of your optimal hire and use it to carefully weigh the strengths of every candidate. We cover the details, from conducting reference checks to verifying academic credentials. We facilitate discussions between you and the final candidates, and offer advice on competitive compensation.

Our Guarantee

Our commitment to client satisfaction is not only promised, but guaranteed. If an executive we have placed fails to meet your expectations or standards within the first year of employment, we will go back and start anew. In fulfilling this guarantee, we bill only out-of-pocket expenses and incremental fees that result from increased cash compensation.