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Advanced Materials and Renewable Energy

Advances in material science and in biologically derived chemistries are changing our world in dramatic ways. A wide range of companies with breakthrough technologies in solid-state lighting, bio-based chemicals and fuels, sustainable food sources, energy storage, as well as information technology, are creating material changes to the way we consume and manage energy and natural resources. The entrepreneurs drawn to the advanced materials and renewable energy sectors are often motivated by the opportunity that their innovations might improve the human condition and the state of the planet, while also providing a compelling economic benefit when brought to market. The team at Park Square has a long history of working with and helping such visionary entrepreneurs and their investors to recruit senior leadership to these world changing businesses.


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Higher education institutions and not-for-profit organizations often face the challenge of balancing mission against available resources. More than ever, the ability of these institutions to thrive in tightened fiscal environments depends upon innovative leadership. Moreover, these institutions also find new pressures and opportunities as styles of learning and the means to enlightenment change in an era as radical as that which followed the invention of the printing press. Our long standing history of serving the research and discovery space broadly construed has made us uniquely adept in serving clients on the leading edges of their fields. As a result, our record of success in recruiting the right leaders spans work for top-tier research universities and innovative organizations dedicated to creating new knowledge, improving the human condition, and enriching human expression.

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Healthcare has entered a challenging period of transformation in both the delivery and financing of health services, particularly in the United States. Regardless of the outcomes of ongoing state and federal healthcare reforms, the process of change in the underlying structures and societal expectations of academic medical centers, hospitals, health systems, physician organizations, insurers, and other healthcare service organizations is far-reaching and inevitable. As a result, the pressures on healthcare executives and the demand for strategic insight, operational excellence, and organizational leadership have never been greater.


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Life Sciences

The life sciences industry has a rich history of dynamic transformation.  Most recently, research and discovery collaborations and merger and acquisition deals have become increasingly prevalent even as new innovations blur the lines between therapeutics, devices, diagnostics and healthcare IT. The core mission to improve human life through scientific advancement remains, but escalating costs and changing government policy require new strategies, business and funding models for success in the sector. The next generation of leaders in life sciences organizations must be prepared to adapt, deliver value and grow companies that solve not only scientific, but also regulatory and reimbursement challenges in an increasingly competitive environment.

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Information Technology

Advances in technology over the last three decades have radically changed global business operations and daily life. The creation of wealth has been significant but in a heavily Darwinian environment; today’s Google and Facebook could be tomorrow’s Polaroid and Kodak. The current revolution in the computing power of mobile devices reaffirms Moore’s Law and points toward a horizon where even the personal computer may appear an antique. From application to platform technology, the companies that will thrive must attract executives with nimble execution skills, the keenest of strategic insights, the best ideas and, most importantly, passion. The members of the Technology practice at Park Square are at the forefront of this constantly changing terrain and work with clients across all areas of their rapidly evolving organizations.

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